10 Features Of Strong Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing an essay require competence in many skills in order to get it right. These skills are not hard, they can be learned and mastered quite easily, with only a little extra effort on the writer’s part. There are many different ways to write an essay and each style has its own specific requirements, among a lost of general ones that must be included in all papers.

Compare and contrast essays require the author to research the properties of two items or subjects, to find their differences and similarities. These can be many, few in number or none at all, the key is to give readers the ability to clearly distinguish between the two, through the information you present. Consider the following short points listing ten features of a strong and contrast essay, they should prove useful.

  1. Excellent topic
  2. Choosing an excellent topic can make you a winner from the very start so give it your best shot.

  3. Proper research
  4. A good topic is nothing with the raw data to back it up. Use different methods to get as much information as you can about your selected topic.

  5. Organized data
  6. Organizing data make a big difference when attempting to interpret it. Make use of tacky data storage methods to keep your data accessible.

  7. Skill full presentation
  8. Making use of graphical forms of data representation can greatly add to the effect and meaning of your data. Find a good one.

  9. Objective analysis
  10. Your analysis tells the readers what your information means. You should have a peer assist you with this stage.

  11. The ability to think outside the box
  12. By being able to think differently about things, you can make your reader see things differently too, use original ideas.

  13. Catchy phrasing
  14. Putting the words on paper is not enough, make use of every literary trick you know to make your sentences interesting.

  15. Relevance to the reader
  16. Always try to find ways of relating directly to the interest and knowledge of your readers.

  17. Clear conclusion
  18. You conclusion must not be indirect, make sure you state exactly what you papers provide information for. Make you last sentence short and solid, fully supported by your data.

  19. Discuss both sides
  20. It is possible to favor a particular item over the other in this paper type and this must be avoided, in order to be done properly, a compare and contrast paper must equally detail both subjects under discussion.