5 Handy Pointers To Help You Write A Synthesis Essay

Most students will be aware of the requirements of writing argumentative papers, compare and contrast papers, descriptive papers, and a wide range of other writing styles; however, when it comes to writing a synthesis paper, many students can be unsure of what to do, or might potentially have a lack of confidence in their abilities to get the work done.

It may sound difficult at first; however, writing a synthesis paper is relatively straightforward. As long as you have an understanding of what you need to do, you should not have too much trouble creating a high quality piece of work. Nevertheless, the five following pointers should help you when doing your work.

  1. Writing an explanatory synthesis paper
  2. It is worth noting that there are two different approaches that you can take when it comes to writing a synthesis paper. One of these approaches is to write an explanatory piece of work, which will require you to explain to the reader more about the topic that you are discussing, so as to give them a better understanding about the subject.

  3. Writing an argumentative synthesis paper
  4. The alternative to an explanatory paper is to write an argumentative synthesis paper. In this variety, you will need to discuss the topic using a variety of sources, so as to create your own point of view.

  5. Establishing links between the sources that you use
  6. As part of the writing process, you will need to use a variety of different sources. These sources can include published articles, either on the Internet or off-line. You can also use journals, magazines, newspaper cuttings, and a wide range of other sources. Ultimately, you will be required to try and establish various connections and links between the sources that you use.

  7. Following any questions or instructions that you have been given
  8. It may be that you have been given a relatively vague set of instructions relating to work that you need to do or, alternatively, you may have been told to follow some specific questions. Either way, you should ensure that you have followed any instructions, and that the content you produce is as relevant as possible.

  9. Looking through sample papers for extra inspiration
  10. If you are still unsure of how to write a synthesis essay then you may wish to consider the possibility of looking through sample papers to give you some extra inspiration and a better understanding of what to do.