Three Secrets Of Writing An Interesting Essay On The Friendship Day

If you are writing an essay on Friendship Day, there is no reason you need to resort to writing about the same things as everybody else in the class. While this topic might be quite a common subject to write a paper about in your grade, there are some ways by which you can make your paper more interesting and stand out from the rest.

Secrets to writing about Friendship Day

  1. While a lot of people celebrate this day in America, by tying friendship bands on the wrists of their good friends and exchanging gifts - it is quite common for everybody to know exactly where this ritual originated from. It would be a great idea to include some of the histories behind the origins of the day. The common theory is that it was promoted by the founder and owner of Hallmark Cards. If you could research on this history and include the story of how they decided on the date in the United States and promoted it - it would be a unique take on the paper.
  2. Another interesting angle to include in this piece of writing would be the different traditions of celebrating this day in other parts of the world. Friendship Day is a very popular event in countries such as India, Bangladesh and some countries in South America as well. It would be easy to research by using social networking sites and blogs about the same and would be another unique section to include in your paper.
  3. Another point that you could look into would be the World Friendship Crusade. This had its roots in the Friendship Day celebration and became a worldwide movement that included the United Nations. Their purpose was to recognize one day in the year that would become the International Friendship Day, a day of goodwill and fellowship amongst people of all countries, religion, and race. Not many people know about this movement, and it would be a different kind of angle to include in your paper.

There are several other ways by which you can make a common topic such as this into an interesting essay. You can include personal anecdotes or stories to add some color and a personal emotional touch to your writing as well. This topic is a feel-good one, and it is easy to utilize the information you have combined with a personal angle to make it into an interesting read.