How Do I Find An Example Essay About My School Holiday?

Example write ups also often called by the term illustration essay is one of the easy and simple form of writing piece to write. These type of write ups usually consists of relatively simple topics requiring comparatively straightforward approach with less complexity.

Structure and design.

The overall design of an example write up is somewhat similar to the others but at the same time also dependent on the topic of the writing piece. An example form of write up comprises of an introduction, body and a conclusion paragraph. However, this type of writing piece can be written in the following formats also depending on the writing approach and topic of discussion.

  • a. Comparison and contrasting mode.
  • b. In a simple, holistic and traditional descriptive way.
  • c. In a cause and effect format.
  • d. In a form of narration where usually the arguments and facts are presented in a chronological manner.

Now, coming to the topic of an example write up such as – school holidays. Within this topic range, the titles of the writing piece can vary. For example, one can write on-“How I spend my school holidays this year”? Or some interesting activities to try out on school holidays”? Etc.

Hence, while writing such type of pieces one should in the first place decide how they want to represent all the facts in the write-up and then should start writing. But, to get rid of all the confusions regarding the structure and the writing pattern, it is highly recommended to go through various examples of such write-ups with related topics. So, now let us jot down few points on how and where to find an example writing piece about my school holidays.

  • These days, we usually tend to the internet to find solutions to all our queries and solutions. So, there are ample websites where you can find good examples, for example, essay on school holidays topics.
  • School/College libraries are also a good place where one can find such examples.
  • One of the best places to go looking for is previous year’s essay projects and a consultation with your teacher.
  • He/she will be able to provide with both a good idea/knowledge and a hands-on example.

However, as a word of caution, never copy paste from an example. Always try to be original and creative with your writing and consult the examples just to get a holistic idea.