A List Of The Most Compelling Essay Topics Related To Buddhism

Religious studies are always different when you look at them from an eastern perspective. There are lots of theories of which we have not heard before and there are some really cool knowledge mantras that you pick up from the religions of the east. But when it comes to scientific studies, eastern religions are also one of the vastest repertoires of knowledge that we have known of since ages. There are several religionists that believe Indian religions have a lot to deliver.

One of the major ways to understand Buddhism is to visit places where Buddhism is still prevalent as a religion. Also, studying some of the deeply written essays on Buddhism helps a lot as well. Here are some topics that will let you handle Buddhism in all its true colors.

List of interesting essay topics on Buddhism

  • - Buddhism and India: how are the two interrelated and what is the reach of Buddhism in present India? Look at Buddhism with a skeptic angle: has Buddhism really thrived on the principles laid down by Mahatma Buddha? Is Mahatma Buddha the real founder of Buddhism: throw a look at some of the major conspiracy theories surrounding Buddhism?
  • - Looking back at Lumbini: the place where the Buddha was born and how his life transformed when his mother passed away at an early age
  • - Mahatma Buddha’s early life: how did the events in the early part of the Buddha’s life shape up the actions and inactions of the future
  • - Buddhism in India: what are the major reasons Buddhism faded away very soon in the very land where it was born
  • - What role did Emperor Ashoka of India play in spreading Buddhism across South Asia and China?
  • - The five principles of Buddhism: Account for the accountability of the founding principles of the religion
  • - Look at Buddhism from the eyes of a great emperor like Ashoka
  • - Is there any God in Buddhism? What are the founding principles?
  • - Recount the places in India where Buddha travelled and reflect upon the specialty of the city where he attained enlightenment
  • - Is it fair for Hindus to count the Buddha as one of the ten avatars of the Lord Vishnu?
  • - How is Buddhism co-related with Hinduism? Why did the latter lose a lot of ground shortly after Buddha attained enlightenment?
  • - Buddhism and Jainism: how are the Indian religions different from Abrahamic religions of the west?
  • - Explain the common grounds between Buddhism and Hinduism