Basic Rules For Writing A Persuasive Essay In The APA Format

The APA format is the most common style used by high school students when it comes to essays. The good news is that this particular style does not have many strict requirements; you just have to pay attention to some elements. On the other hand, you have to be very careful when you write a persuasive essay because your colleagues need to be convinced with what you say. These basic rules will help you figure out this task:

  • Choose a topic that you really believe in. It’s almost impossible to convince your colleagues to believe in something if you do not believe in it. For this, it’s recommended to write about something important for you; this will bring you more benefits than you think. First of all, it will be much easier for you to write. You don’t have to make that much research since you already have information about this subject. Also, you have the chance to share your opinion with others and help them understand that they have to make a change.
  • Create an outline and pay attention to the structure. In the APA style you are required to have a title page, so make sure you create this before you submit the file. Also, the chapters need to be well structured and an outline will help you in this. Organize your ideas well and bring an argument for every statement that you make.
  • Introduce other perspectives. Before you convince them to think in the same way as you, you have to show them what other people believe. For this you can use references or quotes. Every time you discuss other perspective you have to explain why you agree or not agree with it.
  • Support your opinion. You will need to bring plenty of arguments and evidence; it’s not enough that you like a certain idea. Also, try to understand what’s important for your colleagues and how their life can be affected by this issue. If they feel like they can improve their own life, they will do it and they will consider your perspective.
  • Build a smart conclusion. In the last lines of your composition you have to make a resume of everything you wrote before that. Also, do not bring any new information in the end because this can be frustrating for the readers.