A Guide To Writing An Essay On Why Life Was Better Fifty Years Ago

Writing a paper on this topic would be a fun experience. The only thing you will need to know is the style you will use. Using the common-place five paragraph paper would be the most simple. You already have your topic the rest will be following the rest of the process. This article will be a guide to writing an essay on why life was better fifty years ago

  1. Dealing with the theme of today vs. half a century ago. The most common style of paper should be compare and contrast. You will have to organize your research material to make the flow of the paper orderly and consistent. You cannot forget the audience’s attention. That will make them forget all about you in turn.
  2. Select at least five sections of the best research material and separate it from the rest. You will use them as your topic sentences. These are the sentences that start-off each paragraph. They should strongly support your thesis. Remember the topic sentences should not run-on about what they are about. They should exclusively explain and support the thesis. Too many students get confused in that area. Pick the two best topic sentences of the five and place them in the first and last paragraph. This gives you the best chance of staying in control of the audience.
  3. To really bring this paper home you must step-up your creative and descriptive writing skills. Do your best to pull your audience into the paper. This is done by describing every sight, sound, smell, and emotion. Write the paper like the way it would best win you over. Make the words jump-off the paper. (example) The water and mountain mixed well with the sun. Creative-The calm smoothness of the lake teamed with the beautiful rays of sun glimmering ever so profoundly with the mountain made it hard to tell where the earth ended and sky began. Through the entire paper enhance any item possible.
  4. Drawing up the ending you can do this things. Summarize the main ideas of the body with shortened and descriptive sentences. Do not add any new information. This will only confuse the audience. To be sure about the ending ask yourself these two questions. When your done reading the conclusion out-loud ask yourself if you could start-off another paragraph. Does the paragraph make it sound finished? Get a handle on them and your work is done.

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