A List Of Great Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you are trying to convince your target readers to take your side of two or more opinions. Although it is similar to argumentative essays, it does not exert the type of force exhibited in argumentative papers. Instead, you use more subtle terms and facts to convince your readers of how believable your points or views are. Here is a list of topics you can consider for your persuasive paper. They are as follows:

  • There should be monetary rewards for students who maintain good grades always
  • It is bad to be very rich
  • Parenting classes should be introduced in high school
  • Reincarnation is real
  • Teens below 16 should be banned from social networks
  • There should be a ban of music lyrics that promote violence
  • High school students should be allowed to step outside the school premises for lunch
  • There should be an introduction of one global currency
  • The use of skateboard helmets should be made compulsory
  • Teaching should be the highest paid profession
  • There should be a compulsory limit to household trash
  • Providing for the poor by the rich should be made mandatory
  • Spies should be immortalized
  • Cats are better pets than dogs
  • Teens should be educated about drugs and sex at an early age
  • Families should have mandatory emergency survival kit
  • Children should be compensated for helping out in the home
  • There should be limitations on freedom of worship
  • The sun is more important than the moon
  • Everyone is born with psychic abilities
  • There should be limitations on freedom of speech
  • Etiquette should be included in the school curriculum
  • There should be a ban of adverts that send the wrong health signals to young people
  • There should be a ban on spam mail
  • Maintaining long hair is more expensive than short hair
  • Homes should have mandatory recycling waste beings
  • There should be stricter laws on gun ownership
  • Children should be required to read more.
  • Internet access should be free
  • Yearly driving tests should be made mandatory for senior citizens

These are some of the topics that would make interesting persuasive essay topics for high school students. To make your paper worth reading, make sure you have adequate facts and evidences to back up your viewpoint.