List Of 12 Interesting Medical Essay Topics To Consider

As a sentient species, humans are often concerned with their own mortality. Maybe it’s because we assign much more meaning to our individual lives than other animals, or just that we have enough awareness to be afraid of a painful end. As a result, a significant portion of our scientific efforts are focused on improving medical practices in hopes of extending our lifespans.

Medicine is, no doubt, an interesting topic of study, from chronic diseases to situations surrounding recovery periods, there is no end to the medical questions in need of answers for you to pursue. Consider this list of interesting medical essay topics as you attempt to decide on a subject to write on:

  1. The act of Brain surgery
  2. For this paper, focus on the very sensitive procedures that must be completed during a brain surgery and the training required to perform this task.

  3. Heart surgery
  4. Quite possibly one of the most common, major surgeries, focus in this paper should be placed on the reason why so many heart surgeries are performed, versus more healthy lifestyles.

  5. Reconstructive surgery
  6. What are the advances that have been made in this type of surgery and how have these changes cause problems in the moral arena?

  7. Medical therapy
  8. After treating a patient, there is often an extended period where the patient is required to retrain their body functions. Try to explore ways of reducing the need for this period.

  9. Recovery period
  10. What practice are most efficient for making recovery period more bearable?

  11. Treatment of chronic diseases
  12. What are the most effective methods of dealing with chronic diseases, on both a physiological and psychological level?

  13. The benefits of vaccines
  14. How have vaccines changed the world we live in? Is it for the better or for the worse?

  15. A world without antibiotics
  16. How will we cope in a world where antibiotics are no longer effective on even the simplest of infections?

  17. The effects of cancer
  18. What dopes cancer do to the human body?

  19. Why cigarette smoking should be banned
  20. How is it possible that such an obviously harmful drug, is legal around the world?

  21. How a surgeon is affected by a failed surgery
  22. What are the challenges that a high stress surgeon must cope with in order to successfully perform their duties?

  23. The profession of nursing
  24. How does society regard nurses compared to their actual value as medical professional in a market that cannot function without them?