Great Suggestions On How To Compose A Process Essay About Friendship

Friendship and companionship are things most human beings experience in their lifetimes. Therefore it is easy for someone to relate to an essay about friendship. You can use your own experiences with friends and acquaintances to guide you through the process essay.

Process Essay

A process essay differs from a normal essay in that it is usually classified into two parts:

  • - An essay that details how to do something
  • - An essay that explains how something works
  • In the former, your instructions should be clear so that the reader can follow them and implement them by themselves. Examples are such as ‘how to make friends’, or ‘how to socialize with friends’. In the latter, you explain a process to the reader such as how our ‘brains work when we connect with someone’.

    The layout of a process essay follows similarly to how normal essays work. You have the following layout of essays:

    • - Introduction – Explain what you are going to talk about
    • - Main body – Tell the reader of anything they require to complete the task, and explain the steps required, or explain the process and how it occurs.
    • - Conclusion – This summarises all what you have talked about, and goes through the problem and the solution.

    Process Essay and Friendship

    As mentioned earlier, most people have friends, and thus they can relate to the essay since it is something applicable to their world experience. However in a process essay you should assume that your reader does not have any prior knowledge, and thus you have to explain every step in detail even if it sounds simple to you. Here are some examples topics that you can use:

    • - How to make friends in a new city
    • - How to make friends without speaking the local language
    • - How to make friends
    • - The best activities to do with friends
    • - How to solve a rift between friends
    • - How to get back a jealous friend
    • - What does our brain do when we meet friends?
    • - Why does meeting friends feel so good?
    • - Why do we feel lonely without friends?
    • - Do friends affect our mental well-being?

    As you can see these topics are a mixture of both explaining a process to the reader and giving instructions to them. You can use the latest research in your essay and draw from your own personal experiences.

    If you are still having a hard time understanding how to compose a process essay, or are still stuck on composing a process essay on friendship, then there is more help that you can find here.