Crafting an Eye Catching Essay Title-A Complete Guide

Have been wondering how you can craft an eye catching essay title? It is not an easy thing to do but with a lot of interest and determination, you will be able to do just that. Below are some helpful tips to help you.

  • Begin with the body, end with the title
  • Always start by noting down the points that you will expound as you write the content. Thereafter, you can craft a good title that fit the content. It might be difficult to work on the content when you have put the title first. It makes someone fells restricted thereby consuming a lot of time completing the paper. It is therefore important to first write the content, observe fluency, and then work on a suitable title. This will help you save time and come up with great and interesting content.

  • The Motive of the work
  • Great titles give promising readers the reason for reading your work. You can find the motive in the thesis statement. The thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. You can try making the thesis statement into a title.

  • Well known phrases
  • Popular catch phrases that are put into use in the topic make eye-catching titles. Try using the most common phrases and they will make the best titles for you.

  • Mix common with extraordinary something
  • A perfect example is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which is a very imaginative title because it mixes something typical, a guide with something surprising, the galaxy. When the famous novel was written, there was a famous travel guide called “The Hitch Hiker’s guide to Europe,” and the novels title was a nice play too.

  • Catch The readers eye and encourage them to read
  • The main aim is to capture the attention of your readers and without a good title; no one will be interested in reading what you’ve written. Readers will judge your work according to your title, so be very keen when crafting a title for the paper. Ensure that you select your audience wisely. If you are writing children’s stories, then know it’s all about the kids. If you are writing love stories, then bear in mind that you are speaking to adults. Always make sure that you are on the right track. A great title will make readers want to read the whole story paragraph after paragraph.