8 Simple Steps To Writing An Expository Essay – A Quick Guide

Expository essays are quite commonplace in high school academic settings. For writing an expository essay, you need to first take an idea into consideration. After that, you need to investigate and explain the idea and then make an argument. So how exactly you can write an expository essay. Here are 8 simple steps to write an expository essay. Use this quick guide whenever you are stuck between topics or you do not know how to proceed after choosing a topic.

  1. Identify the purpose of composing an essay: You need to first determine why you are about to write an expository essay. Write down the topics that cross your mind and write your objectives behind writing an essay of this type as well.
  2. Read instructions carefully: A thorough inspection of the set of instructions that comes along with your college assignment is highly necessary as this way you can easily define the purposes of composing an essay of this type. Ask your teacher if you have any doubt.
  3. Who will be reading your essay: It is also important to take into account your prospective readers. What are the needs and anticipations of your readers? Write down what crosses your mind during this analysis.
  4. Understand your examiner’s expectations: If you are writing a college essay, it is important for you to understand the expectations and needs of your examiner. Has your examiner instructed you to reflect your thoughts on some specific topic?
  5. List your topics: If you are not very sure which topic to write on, you can list the topics that you have primarily taken into consideration and then shortlist the best topics out of the list.
  6. Freewriting is important: Write for about 15 minutes nonstop on any topic and then take a look at it. Highlight the most cardinal information in your essay. This will help you in refining your topic selection and developing new ideas.
  7. Make outline: After that, make a proper outline of your essay. Remember this is the skeleton of the essay in the making. See if you have missed any important information.
  8. Find good sources: After deciding on a topic, find credible sources from where you can derive information.

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