Funny College Essay Topics – Top 27 Great Suggestions

Multiple college students are still unable to craft to craft whole topics and defend them accordingly. In composing these, there are certain aspects you need to apprehend in order to avoid confusing the reader and making them most relevant. In this article, you will learn the top 28 great suggestions that you can craft about. However, let us begin by highlighting what it takes to compose the best topic.


These are the activities the writer engages in as part of the preparation in writing. One of the most common methods is carrying out of an in-depth research. In this case, you should identify pertinent materials that contain essential information on what you are going to jot about. Visit the library and make the right choice. When all the resources are at your disposal, study them carefully and note down the information on a piece of paper including the keywords.

Brevity and conciseness

One of the key features of a winning topic is that, it should be brief and up to the point. Do not employ unnecessary words that only add on quantity rather than quality. Moreover, do not make it too short as coming up with sufficient back up information in its favor might be a great challenge.

The following are the top 27 suggestions of the funny college essay topics:

  1. What prompts assassins and terrorists?
  2. How competent is U.S security and prohibited immigration?
  3. The impact of social media on the community
  4. Reasons to legalize same sex marriages
  5. How robots lead to global poverty
  6. Reasons to illegalize abortion
  7. Perfect ways to curb with school bullying
  8. Apprehending the physics of swimming
  9. Requirements for fabricating a shopping mall
  10. Are professional athletes paid much salaries?
  11. Should people avert using Facebook?
  12. Why animal zoos should be banned
  13. Ferocity in sports
  14. Is a high school diploma advantageous?
  15. Upshots of global warming on society
  16. Things a man cannot live without
  17. Upsides of recycling
  18. The pertinence of ancient Greek mythology
  19. Should sex education be included in primary schools?
  20. Internet censorship effects
  21. Most common cyber crimes
  22. Information quantity to be included on food labels and why?
  23. Advantages of genetic engineering
  24. Does privacy still exist? Discuss how
  25. How your best friend has impacted your life
  26. What you want to do after school
  27. The relevance of learning history