How Do I Write A Persuasive Essay About The Effects Of Smoking?

This kind of an article gives any college student or high school student a chance to have their voice be heard on many levels. It is not just an opinion piece, although there are a lot of pieces having to do with your opinion on it. There are so many other negative things on this subject with lots of information to back it up. You need to think about how you would write this homework essay to convince young people that smoking is not a good idea to even try. You want them to know why. And here is how.

Explain the Nasty Things

Sounds silly, but for real. How do companies get us to buy perfume and cologne? They tell us how much better we'll smell with it. Tell peers in your essay how they will smell if they smoke, even one time. Tell them what smoking does it they smoke. Let them know what it smells like. It is kind of like the way they convince you to buy deodorant. They tell you how bad you will smell if you don't wear it. Most of us make sure we always have deodorant, so we don't offend others and lack hygiene. Same goes for smoking. Explain how “clean” it makes you feel.

  • The aroma that is emitted from smoking.
  • The smell stays with you and does not go away unless you don't smoke.

More Nasty Things to Share

Do peers value their teeth? Share the color their teeth will turn if they smoke. Even with teeth whitening, they are not going to keep pearly whites if they smoke. Tell them why. See how many make a gross face. Except that, most people already know about this.

Health Issues

Some how this doesn't always grab people's attention, but it should. Young people don't think it will get them since its older people who are more at risk. Well, not necessarily so. Share the statistics. Let them know what smoking can do to their health. Share the information pertaining to their age. Share the death rates having to do with second-hand smoking and relate it to them and their loved-ones. Some of these bits of information combined make a rather attention-getting essay for what sounds like a health class. Just keeping it organized and decide what you want to share first.