10 Ideas To Help You Select A Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topic

Writing a good compare and contrast essay is a simple task. You should choose a good topic and then build up the essay writing about the advantages and benefits for both the topics to make it sound meaningful and interesting. If you have good knowledge about a topic then it is better as you will write with a better flair and important information will be highlighted. Simplify the writing process by writing about a topic you are aware about.

Doing good research is mandatory so that you can write a remarkably interesting compare and contrast essay. There should be good examples, short sentences and logical argumentative points so that the reader likes what is written.

Comparing both the topics is essential and your writing should contrast both the topics so that the flow is good. You should not mix up both. Either compare either the topics or just contrast. If you are taking the Compare and contrast route then you should do adequate research and write in a manner that the person is not confused.

Do not hurry about choosing a topic. Take some time and think about the topic you want to write on. Perform adequate research before penning your ideas so that it doesn’t sound abstract and illogical.

Ten ideas which will help you select a good compare and contrast essay topic is mentioned below:

  1. Reading a book versus watching a movie is a good topic to write an interesting compare and contrast essay
  2. Politics is an interesting topic and you can write on types of governments, political parties and constitutions. President versus Prime minister so a good compare and contrast essay topic.
  3. Not many choose to write about eastern medicine practices and its relevance versus western medicine practices.
  4. Comparing and contrasting Paleo diet to Mediterranean diet is a great idea for a compare and contrast essay.
  5. Hinduism versus Islam
  6. Compare two subjects like History and Geography.
  7. Art is a very good topic to write on. You write about ancient art versus modern art
  8. You could write about two different jobs- Finance versus Information Technology
  9. School days versus college days
  10. Talking on the phone versus texting on mobile phone.

Make sure you are totally convinced on the topic so that you write a good and an interesting compare and contrast essay. Highlight the benefits and disadvantages of both the topics so that you can captivate the attention of the reader.