Effective Suggestions On How To Write A Basic High School Essay

Essay writing can be boring and time consuming. However, there are few tips that high school students can follow rather than worrying. The article will discuss the effective suggestions on how to write a basic high school essay.

Read and understand the essay question carefully.

For beginners, identify and highlight the keywords. Use a dictionary to confirm the meaning or usage of a word that you may not be familiar with. Identification of task words such as ‘compare’ and ‘explain’ is very important.

Read any other information or background research to the essay

It is recommended that students should practice selective reading. They should read from reliable and relevant sources only. Draft the notes in your own words .This will enable you to understand as you read through the notes. Write down any quotations but remember to acknowledge the author.

Brainstorm ideas in relation to the question

In the course of reading, write down any necessary points. Using a mind map will stimulate thinking. Think of any quote or relevant idea that may be useful to the essay

Developing a thesis statement in relation to the question

The thesis statement should strongly express the overall response to the research question. A good thesis statement should not be weak or very simple. It is important to note that the thesis statement is the main idea/argument and that makes it the backbone of the essay. It should be stated in the introduction and mentioned frequently in the other sections of the essay.

Writing a plan for the response

The ideas of the essays should be planned in a logical manner. Every point that answers a question should be relevant. This is the road map to essay writing.

Writing the introduction

This is the opening part of the essay. It should introduce the thesis and state how the questions should be answered. The introduction should be captivating and engaging to the reader.

Writing the main body of the essay

Each idea should be written in a new paragraph. Always show a connection between the paragraphs by using phrases such as ‘however’, ‘in addition’ etc. Each idea should have supporting evidence.

Writing the conclusion

This is basically summarizing the main idea. It should have a provoking or interesting while still maintaining relevance.

Draft editing

Check out any grammatical errors. Omit sections that are not needed. If need be, give someone else to proofread the essay before handing it over.