10 Helpful Hints For Composing An Essay About Friendship

There are many different reasons as to why you might write an essay about friendship. Therefore, it is quite difficult to give you specific hints that can help you with everything that you have to do; however, amongst the following 10 suggestions, you should hopefully find some helpful tips that will assist you when composing your work.

  1. Deciding what style you wish to use for the actual work
  2. Firstly, you should decide what style you wish to use. For example, you could use a narrative style in order to tell a story about a particular friendship. Alternatively, you could use a compare and contrast paper to discuss any friendships that you might have with different people.

  3. Coming up with a relevant title
  4. Once you know what style you wish to use, you may wish to try and think of a relevant title for your work. This can make it easier to think of good ideas to write about later on.

  5. Discussing long-term friendships and how they evolve
  6. In terms of the topics that you may wish to discuss as part of your work, you could look at long-term friendships, and how they evolve over time. To help you with this, you may wish to ask an adult about any long-term friendships they have.

  7. Discussing how young children make friendships
  8. Another topic that you may wish to discuss is how young children make friendships when at school, or in other aspects of their life.

  9. Discussing how adults make friendships
  10. The way in which young children make friendships can differ to the way in which adults make friendships and, therefore, you may wish to discuss how grown-ups develop friendships as well.

  11. Discussing how the Internet has changed friendships
  12. The Internet has changed many things about our daily lives, potentially including the way in which we interact with friends. Therefore, you may wish to discuss this as part of your work.

  13. Looking at your own friendships for inspiration
  14. Of course, if you are looking for some inspiration, then you may need to look no further than your own friendships for some ideas.

  15. Planning your work
  16. In terms of actually getting the work done, it is important that you plan things before you start.

  17. Getting things written
  18. When writing the work, it can be useful to get some ideas written down with your first draft, before perfecting things in subsequent drafts.

  19. Checking over what you have composed
  20. Finally, you should check what you have written before you hand it in, so as to eliminate any unnecessary mistakes.